Monday, 10 December 2012

Living Things Cannot Live On Some Planet Part 1

Dear friends, I have just finished preparing the materials for a new lesson and would like to share it with everyone. For tonight, I would like to show you some introduction to the lessons that I have planned. 

Subject                         : Science
Class                            : Year 4
Title                             : Living Things Cannot Live On Some Planet
Theme                         : Investigating The Earth and The Universe
Learning Area             : The Solar System
Learning Objective     : Appreciating the perfect placement of the planet Earth in the Solar
Learning Outcome      : Pupils should be able to state why certain planets are not conducive
  for living things.
Strategy                       : Using comic pictures


There you go!! The introduction to my new lesson materials. Stay tune for more tomorrow for the contents and after that I will add in a few more. Please feel free to comment too. Thanks!!!


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  2. your blog look very interesting.Full of useful information. i' m sure your student will get lots of benefit through it. Good Job.

  3. Students will learn a lot from your blog, thank you teacher.