Monday, 26 November 2012

The Solar System Related Videos

Hello everybody. It is a fun and exciting holiday for us teachers this holiday. I hope everyone is having as much fun as me. At the same time I also take the opportunity to browse the internet for my teaching resources next year. While browsing I stumbled upon few interesting videos related to the teaching plan I have posted earlier in my blog. Here I would like to share them with you all with hope that they can also benefit other teachers as much they have benefited me.

The Solar System Song

Naked Science: Birth Of The Solar System

Exploring The Solar System

How Big Is The Universe?

Solar System For Kids: The Solar System - The Sun

Scale Of The Solar System - Earth, Jupiter, Sun v2

The Sun And The Solar System

Kids Educational Video: The Solar System - Earth

Wonders Of The Solar System - Earth In Fast Forward

Earth And Solar System Animation

Origin & Creation: Sun, Solar System, Planets, Life On Earth

Exploring The Moons In Our Solar System

A Journey To The Moons Of The Solar System

The Moon - Solar System

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Let’s do an activity to compare the relative sizes of the Sun, Earth and Moon.

  Collect as many round objects as you can.

1) Bring them to class.
2) The teacher will call three pupils to the front.
3) One pupil will choose one object to be the sun.
4) The other two will choose one object each to be the Earth and Moon.
5) Remember, the objects for the Earth and Moon must be relative in size to the object representing the Sun.


Evaluation 1:

Evaluation 2:

Evaluation 3:



To probe pupils to use their thinking skills.

This is all I am sharing for today. I hope that this can help you in planning your lesson. If there is any comment, please feel free to drop in some. Lastly, do help me to suggest any improvement that is needed. Thank you :D


Compare the size of the Sun with the size of the Earth.

Compare the size of the Earth with the Moon.

Find out the distance from the Earth to the Sun and the Earth to the Moon.


Comparing the size of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.

 The Sun

The Earth

The Moon

Hi there!! How are you all doing? I hope all of you have been patient with me. Today, I would like to share about my notes and suggestions to the this following lesson:

Subject: Science
Class: Year 4
Title: The Sun, Earth and Moon
Learning Area: The Solar System
Learning Objective: Understanding the relative size and distance between Earth, the Moon and the Sun
Learning Outcome: Pupils should be able to-
1) State the size of the Sun relative to the size of the Earth.
2) State the size of the Earth relative to the size of the Moon.
3) State the relative distance from the Earth to the Sun compared to the relative distance from the Earth to  the Moon.
Strategy: Using comic pictures