Monday, 26 November 2012

The Solar System Related Videos

Hello everybody. It is a fun and exciting holiday for us teachers this holiday. I hope everyone is having as much fun as me. At the same time I also take the opportunity to browse the internet for my teaching resources next year. While browsing I stumbled upon few interesting videos related to the teaching plan I have posted earlier in my blog. Here I would like to share them with you all with hope that they can also benefit other teachers as much they have benefited me.

The Solar System Song

Naked Science: Birth Of The Solar System

Exploring The Solar System

How Big Is The Universe?

Solar System For Kids: The Solar System - The Sun

Scale Of The Solar System - Earth, Jupiter, Sun v2

The Sun And The Solar System

Kids Educational Video: The Solar System - Earth

Wonders Of The Solar System - Earth In Fast Forward

Earth And Solar System Animation

Origin & Creation: Sun, Solar System, Planets, Life On Earth

Exploring The Moons In Our Solar System

A Journey To The Moons Of The Solar System

The Moon - Solar System


  1. A detail research well done. Information should be beneficial to those interested in astronomy.

  2. Video-video yang menarik dan amat membantu dalam proses pembelajaran. Tahniah!

  3. maklumat yang dikongsikan oleh cikgu dapat membuka minda murid untuk terus menerokai alam sains. Bagus!